Management Reports


Simple reports to help you manage more effectively

As a business owner, sometimes you would like to know more about your business but never quite seem to get around to it?

Some of the common reasons are:

“I’m too busy running this business to get too involved in the office side of things.”
“My wife does the books and it would be unfair to ask her to do too much more.”
“I would ask my accountant but they are so busy and I’m not sure I can afford the cost.”
“I’m not sure what to be looking for anyway and how we would use additional information?”

Do any of the above reasons sound familiar?

Here are samples of five reports(from the many we have) that can be produced to help you analyse and manage your business more effectively.

Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard is a compact view of one period of business operations. You can get an idea very quickly of how the entire business is operating. This report may alert management to problems that require more detailed investigation.

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Sales by Referral and Location

This information is available within your accounting system. This is able to summarise your sales into one report that illustrates how your clients found you, their location and how much you have sold to them. This information highlights to you where you are best to concentrate and increase marketing resources.

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Wages by Division

Staff can be categorised into different areas of the business and wages can be viewed by division. This will alert management to an imbalance between sales, production and administration wage costs and will also alert management when wage costs are creeping higher in comparison to sales.

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Average Sales by Customer

This graph is able to show what type of customer is purchasing your product or service. Are they regular customers or one offs? What’s the trend? Are the average sales increasing? This graph is immediately able to indicate to you where to best allocate marketing resources and what type of customer you are looking for.

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Collection Days

Cash is king. How long does it take to get your money in? Is it blowing out in time? This will show a trend and may need addressing urgently.

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