Online Payroll Service in Australia

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Online payroll processing gives you:

  • More direct control over processing your payroll
  • Online access anytime to payroll information
  • Quicker payroll processing, saving you money and hours of time

Using our custom-built cloud-based payroll service for employers, PayrollAdvantage, you can easily add new employees and all required payroll data such as bank account and superannuation details. Updating payroll data is easy and instant.

online cloud payroll processing

How does it work?

First, set up your employees with standard payroll data in PayrollAdvantage.

Then for each pay cycle, instead of creating a spreadsheet or sending your time sheets individually to your bookkeeper or accountant, you simply enter the hours worked directly into PayrollAdvantage. Then click ‘Enter’. Job finished.

Here at Accounts Advantage we are bookkeepers with over 20 years experience. We know what is required to process payroll smoothly, meet your statutory requirements, and keep your employees happy!

Eliminates errors from re-keying

Because you enter your own data directly this removes the risk of inaccuracies or changes from a bookkeeper re-keying the data.

Progressive data entry

You can enter payroll data progressively, as you have time to do it over the pay period. If you get busy, just save the file and keep entering the payroll data at a later time.

Start pay period on any day

PayrollAdvantage makes it easy to start a pay period on any day, with any frequency of pay (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

Find out more

To arrange a confidential discussion on how you can make the switch to an easier way of processing your payroll contact us or visit the PayrollAdvantage website.



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