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Australian child care centre management software

The Child Care Management System (CCMS) is a national Australian child care system that brings all approved child care services online. All Child Care Benefit (CCB) approved child care service providers are required by law to operate under CCMS.

Child care services use their CCMS registered software to record child, enrolment and attendance information. Services report this data to the Department of Education and Training via the internet to allow calculation and payment of Child Care Benefit (CCB) fee reductions on behalf of children in their service.

Child care management software is designed to help child care centres manage their service with features such as:

  • Bookings
  • Enrolment forms and waitlists
  • Documentation management
  • Child portfolios and family information
  • Journaling and learning journeys
  • Planning
  • Staff rostering
  • Curriculum
  • Calculation of CCB payments
  • Integration with direct debits and payment options
  • Business and financial reporting

Here at Accounts Advantage we work with your chosen CCMS system to remotely extract your data and regularly monitor your transactions. Because we are child care centre bookkeeping specialists we can ensure you maintain compliance and also provide advanced financial reports to help you make better management decisions.

To help you with your decision on which management software to use we have compiled this list of Australian providers.

Child care management software providers

There are many providers of child care management software, including:

For a list of current Australian Government registered CCMS software visit the Department of Education and Training.

Child care centre bookkeeping information

For information on how to reduce your stress from the day-to-day running of your centre, effectively and efficiently manage your financial transactions, spot any irregularities, and save money on your accountants bill, call us for a no-fuss introductory conversation on 1300 400 105 or contact us online.


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