4 Things not-to-do list – 1 Avoid bad customers

When you have a mountain of work your first reaction is to create to-do lists for everything that needs to be done. My desk has paper from days of scribbling the things that need to get done. On most days the items make it from yesterdays list and cycle continues. By employing some simple tactics of things not-to-do you can help in getting on top and through your list. This is not just for bookkeepers but for any business owner or staff.
I have created 4 do-nots that you need to stop. This will help with time sucking activities that annoy even the most focused of us. By cutting these activities out you will gain more time makes you more effective and productive.

1 Avoid bad customers

Your customers are the most important thing and the success of any business. Some customers are not worth your time and take to much of it. Their either to difficult and complex or they have just unreasonable expectations. You need to ask yourself if they are worth your time and in most cases they won’t be. Explore ways you automate the relationship your processes to stream line If your time is money then focusing on easier customers will free up time and allow time for more customers.