I’m Krish Ravipati, your trusted CPA and proud director of our esteemed bookkeeping firm. With 22 years of Australian living since my 2001 arrival, I’ve embraced culture and landscapes while honing accounting skills. Alongside ten dedicated professionals, we’re your partners in navigating bookkeeping complexities. My journey from 2001 arrival to leading Accounts Advantage reflects my unwavering commitment. Over two decades, I’ve earned CPA credentials and deepened my understanding of Australia’s financial landscape. Our mission is simple yet profound: tailored bookkeeping for your unique business needs, ensuring financial success.

Beyond balancing the books, my life Down Under has been a blend of numbers and Aussie adventures since 2001. When I’m not immersed in spreadsheets, I’m tackling the wild world of parenting teenagers – a challenge that rivals even the trickiest tax codes. And if you catch me off-duty, I might be sharing a laugh about the quirky contrasts between India and Australia. So, join us at Accounts Advantage, where numbers make sense, and a touch of humour is always on the ledger!