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Krish Ravipati


I’m Krish Ravipati, your trusted CPA and proud director of our esteemed bookkeeping firm. With 22 years of Australian living since my 2001 arrival, I’ve embraced culture and landscapes while honing accounting skills. Alongside ten dedicated professionals, we’re your partners in navigating bookkeeping complexities. My journey from 2001 arrival to leading Accounts Advantage reflects my unwavering commitment. Over two decades, I’ve earned CPA credentials and deepened my understanding of Australia’s financial landscape. Our mission is simple yet profound: tailored bookkeeping for your unique business needs, ensuring financial success.

Beyond balancing the books, my life Down Under has been a blend of numbers and Aussie adventures since 2001. When I’m not immersed in spreadsheets, I’m tackling the wild world of parenting teenagers – a challenge that rivals even the trickiest tax codes. And if you catch me off-duty, I might be sharing a laugh about the quirky contrasts between India and Australia. So, join us at Accounts Advantage, where numbers make sense, and a touch of humour is always on the ledger!

Lisa Walker

Bookkeeping Manager

Lisa is our Bookkeeping Manager and has been with ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE for 6 years.  She oversees the running of the Bookkeeping department and the 6 amazing team members that provide most of the services to our clients.  She is a Registered BAS agent and is currently studying her Diploma of Accounting.  Lisa has extensive knowledge with over 25 years of accounts and bookkeeping and has worked with many small to medium businesses including manufacturing, not for profit, retail, trade and the training sector.  Since joining ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE, she has gained a great amount of knowledge of the Childcare Sector and the ever changing environment it provides.

In her down time she enjoys researching her next travel destination, raising her two teenage children and progressing through the candy crush kingdom.

Jodie Weston

Payroll Manager

Hello, I’m Jodie, the dedicated Payroll Manager at ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE, where I’ve had the privilege of contributing for the past 8 years. Armed with a Cert IV in Accounting, I’ve journeyed through various roles within the company during my initial years, acquiring a versatile skill set. Following my return from maternity leave last year, I’ve passionately focused on refining our payroll operations. As the go-to resource for all things payroll-related, I take immense pride in ensuring smooth and accurate processes.


Beyond the office walls, you’ll often find me immersed in family time with my spirited 2-year-old, Lennox. When not chasing after him, I’m in the gym or out on the touch football field. I cherish moments with loved ones and thrive in the great outdoors.

Taylah Mould


Taylah is one of our talented Bookkeepers, she has been with ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE for just over 2 ½ years and has been working in the bookkeeping sector for over six years.

Taylah has a Bachelor of Commerce and is working toward gaining her BAS Registration.

Taylah is a very proud fur mum to a miniature poodle and a Maltese and enjoys spending every moment she can with them…and her fiancé too of course.

Nicole Pike


Nicole has been working with ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE for over 1.5 years. She works on providing payroll, accounts payable and bookkeeping services. Nicole has completed her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and her Diploma in Accounting and is currently working towards finalising her BAS Agent registration. She has spent over 6 years in the bookkeeping and accounts world, working through all the various aspects it has to offer.

She spends her down time with her husband, family and friends as well as renovating her house and backyard.



Valli is our Bookkeeper recently joined our Loganholme office. She is a Qualified Chartered Accountant from India and working towards CPA in Australia.
She works on accounts payable, accounts receivable and bookkeeping services. She had her own practice in India and good exposure in internal audits and external audits and Tax filing.
She spends her down time with her husband and exploring Australia, as well as learning Australian Culture and Diversity.

Rebecca Clavan


Rebecca has worked with ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE for 1.5 years and has a Bachelor of Business, Accounting.  She is also BAS licensed and brings to her team, knowledge within varied organizations ranging from a university, financial industry and small commercial environments.  During her employment at ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE she has been exposed to multi tasked operation of bookkeeping, childcare industries, payroll tax etc.  Rebecca enjoys the forever changing environment that accounting brings.

Rebecca’s favorite past time is spending time with her family, travel, social events, and an extensive list of interest we won’t have time to list.  The most beautiful place she has visited was in France, Mont Saint Michel’s.  An architectural marvel.

Chantelle Lakowec


Chantelle is our accounts all-rounder, she completed her Certificate IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping at the end of 2022 and has been working at ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE for 7 months. She is thoroughly enjoying the change of career as prior to this she was in the dental field for 12 years. On her time off she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 2 year old daughter.

Hayley Wilson


Hayley is one of our fantastic bookkeepers and also one of the newer members of the ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE team. She has her Certificate IV in Bookkeeping & Accounting and with her passion for bookkeeping, she would like to work towards getting her BAS Agent Registration. With over 3 years hands-on knowledge, Hayley has experience in numerous areas such as Not-for-profits & Accounting Firms. Since joining ACCOUNTS ADVANTAGE in February, she has gained loads of knowledge in the childcare sector and is super keen to continue her learning journey.

Beyond the numbers, Hayley finds happiness in the world of words. When she’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find her buried in the pages of a captivating novel. But that’s not all – she’s also a mum to two little girls and a fearless motorbike enthusiast, who will be found hitting the tracks with her Husband.

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